The Hussar Grill is a well-known and established restaurant chain in South Africa, known for its classic grill room atmosphere and quality steaks. The first Hussar Grill opened in Rondebosch, Cape Town, in 1964. Since then, it has expanded to various locations across South Africa.

It has more than 17 outlets at different locations. The Hussar Grill is often praised for its commitment to quality ingredients, attentive service, and a classic, nostalgic ambiance. The restaurant is popular for its focus on serving high-quality steaks and other meat dishes in a traditional and elegant setting.

The menu features a range of delicious appetizers, salads, steaks, burgers, seafood dishes, sides, extras, meat on the bone, starters, and various decadent desserts. The menu also featured vegetarian and vegan options, such as the Grilled Halloumi Salad and the Vegan Mushroom Stack.

Picked for You

MenuPrices (R)
Malva PuddingR 70.00
Lamb ShanksR 354.00
SirloinR 192.00
300g Fillet on the BoneR 294.00
Baked CheesecakeR 75.00

Hussar Grill Starters Menu

MenuDescriptionPrice (R)
Traditional BoereworsFlame-grilled with legendary basting. A South African classic.R80
Italian Tomato SoupHouse specialty. Served with Parmesan croûtes.R85
Hussar Beef Biltong (150g)150g of Hussar beef biltongR90
Chicken LiversSautéed in sherry, onions, mixed herbs, and cream or peri-peri. Served with croûtes.R90
Garlic SnailsPan-sautéed in either garlic butter or a creamy white wine and garlic sauce.R95
Cured Springbok Loin CarpaccioSliced paper-thin and dressed with olive oil and a balsamic reduction. Topped with Parmesan shavings.R115
Large Black MushroomIt is topped with spinach and feta cheese or tomato, feta, and caramelized onion and then grilled.R90
Hollandse BitterballenDouble-cream béchamel studded with beef jus and beef bits, then crumbed and deep-fried—Dijon mustard on the side.R85
Fried Crumbed CamembertA wheel, ripe and piquant on the inside. Served with cranberry jelly.R120
Mussel PotMussels in a cream, green herb, garlic, and white wine reduction.R115
Steak TartareThe most tender, finely chopped raw beef with all the traditional accompaniments.R125
Prawn and Fresh Avocado Cocktail (Seasonal)Sweet prawn meat bedecked with our homemade Marie Rose sauce, served on a bed of baby greens.R125
CalamariTender tubes and squid heads expertly dusted and flash-fried or grilled with chili, garlic, and parsley.R115
Marrow BonesA hearty, oven-roasted delicacy served with pesto and croûtes.R85
Calamari and ChorizoCajun-style calamari, seared with chorizo, finished with a sweet balsamic glaze.R105

Hussar Grill Salads Menu

SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
CapreseA classic grill room salad: buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil leaves drizzled with olive oil, basil pesto, and balsamic glaze.R125
GreekGreens topped with Calamata olives, feta, cucumber and tomatoes.R105
Roasted Butternut, Beetroot, and FetaA colorful salad of mixed greens, roasted butternut, beetroot, and sundried tomatoes topped with bean sprouts, feta, radish, and Peppadew® peppers.R105
Cajun Chicken and CornChar-grilled chicken dusted in Cajun spice served with mixed greens, corn, feta, avo, and spring onion. Dressed with a balsamic reduction.R120
CaesarSliced crisp lettuce, croutons, bacon, anchovies, boiled egg, Parmesan shavings, and anchovy dressing.R110
Add chickenAdd chicken to caesarR20

Hussar Grill Steaks and Grills Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Rump200g: R165
300g: R205
500g: R275
Sirloin200g: R165
300g: R205
500g: R275
Fillet200g: R215
300g: R285
Ribeye300g: R285
400g: R320

Hussar Grill Meat on the Bone Menu

Spare RibsR 270.00
300g Fillet on the BoneR 265.00
Pork Loin Ribs800g: R 230 .00
800g: R 295.00
800g: R 360.00
600g T-BoneR 325.00
500g Sirloin on the BoneR 245.00

Hussar Grill House Specialities (Menu Specials)

MenuDescriptionPrices (R)
Bone Marrow RibeyeRibeye topped with a bold bone marrow-infused compound butter.400g: R 345
Bone Marrow RumpRump steak topped with a bold bone marrow-infused compound butter.200g: R 190
300g: R 230
Fillet MoutardeThe fillet is topped with a sauce of double cream and blended mustard.200g: R 240
300g: R 310
Fillet BéarnaiseOur most classic offering of fillet steak prepared according to the
true French culinary technique.
200g: R 245
300g: R 315
Pork BellyIndulge in the rich, savory delight of our signature Pork Belly dish, a true
culinary masterpiece sure to tantalize your taste buds.
300g: R 195
600g: R 260
Madagascan Pepper FilletServed with a cream and green peppercorn reduction.200g: R 240
300g: R 310
Blue Cheese SirloinClassic New York cut topped with a creamy blue cheese sauce200g: R 190
300g: R 230

Hussar Grill Speciality Sauces & Compound Butters

MenuPrices (R)
Sauce SelectionR 39.00
Bone MarrowR 36.00
Café De ParisR 36.00
Bloody MaryR 36.00

Hussar Grill Sides & Extras Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Oven-roasted vegetablesR 48.00
Pan-fried mushroomsR 65.00
Creamed Spinach and cinnamon-infused butternutR 45.00
Crisp onion ringsR 50.00
Side SaladR 35.00
PotatoesR 40.00
Sautéed Green BeansR 38.00

Hussar Grill Lighter Grills Menu

MenuDescriptionPrices (R)
The Hussar Beef Burger200g Sparta Angus beef burger. Premium beef produced in
the Free State since 1966 and hand-selected for its marbling –
ensuring every bite is packed with that distinct Angus flavor.
Served with a topping of your choiceBacon, biltong, feta, blue cheese crumble, or avo.1 Topping R155
2 Toppings R170
Prego Roll28-Day aged steak, thinly sliced and sautéed in a bold prego
sauce. Topped with grilled onions and served on a toasted bun.

Hussar Grill Seafood Menu

MenuDescriptionPrices (R)
KingklipFillet of kingklip grilled and topped with lemon or garlic butter.R255
Kingklip ThermidorFillet of kingklip in a Thermidor sauce of garlic, mushrooms, and prawns. Gratinated with Parmesan cheese and garnished with grilled lemon.R285
CalamariTender tubes and squid heads expertly dusted and flash-fried or grilled with chili, garlic, and parsley.R235
Salmon (Subject to availability)Grilled and finished off with our chili, garlic, and parsley butter.R275
6 Queen PrawnsIt was grilled and finished with lemon butter, garlic butter, or peri-peri.R255

Hussar Grill Poultry Menu

MenuDescriptionPrices (R)
Deboned Half ChickenHalf-deboned chicken carved and expertly brushed with lemon & herb, peri-peri or
BBQ basting. It was served with a sumptuous side of your choice.
Chicken StackOven-roasted seasonal vegetables stacked with grilled chicken breasts and topped
with a tomato confit.
Parmesan Chicken BreastsTender chicken breasts crumbed and encrusted with Parmesan cheese and pan-fried.
Served on a bed of mashed potatoes and topped with either mushroom, cheese, or creamy mustard sauce.

Hussar Grill Desserts Menu

MenuDescriptionPrices (R)
Malva PuddingIt’s a traditional South African favorite. Sweet sponge pudding with a sticky, caramelized texture. It was served with a drizzle of custard.R70
Baked CheesecakeWe believe ours is the finest in town. Velvety smooth cheesecake atop a traditional buttery biscuit crust baked to perfection and served with a dollop of cream or vanilla ice cream.R80
Death by ChocolateRich and chocolatey, this baked chocolate dessert is any chocolateolic’s dream. Served with a biscuit crumble brûléed orange and vanilla pod-infused ice cream.R80
Crème BrûléeThe secret to our Crème Brûlée lies in the perfect contrast between the crunchy caramelized sugar topping and the silky smooth custard encased underneath.R75
Hussar Grill Ice Cream DessertThis extravagant dessert combines vanilla ice cream, peanut brittle, marshmallow, nougat, honeycomb, and sprinkled nuts. Drizzled with our signature dark chocolate sauce. Sometimes more is better.R80
Vanilla Ice Cream and Decadent Chocolate SauceIt’s a classic treat. Decadently rich chocolate sauce drizzled over our superb vanilla pod-infused ice cream scoops.R70

Hussar Grill Cold Drinks and Mixers Menu

MenuPrices (R)
300ml Soft DrinksR 32.00
750ml La Vie de Luc Mineral WaterR 48.00
TisersR 38.00
Schweppes MixersR 28.00
Red BullR 42.00

Hussar Grill Room Classics Menu

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef and ReefRump or Sirloin steak served with a half portion of calamari or
3 queen prawns in garlic or lemon butter.
200g | R255
300g | R295
ChateaubriandA succulent cut of fillet topped with 300g | 315 KWV 3 Yr Old brandy
and flambéed. Served with Béarnaise sauce on the side.
200g | R250
300g | R315
Hussar CarpetbaggerFillet mignon stuffed with a combination of smoked mussels, Cheddar
cheese and topped off with wholegrain mustard sauce.
200g | R255
300g | R325
Hollandse BiefstukPan-fried beef fillet studded with coarse black pepper and flambéed
in KWV 3 Yr Old brandy and butter.
200g | 250
300g | 315
250g Game Steaks (Subject to hunt)Please check with your service ambassador for the cuts that are
available today.
250g Grilled Ostrich FilletServed with a slightly sweet, herb-infused sauce.R245

Hussar Grill Hot Beverages Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Decaffeinated CoffeeR34
Caffé LatteR40
Tea (Ceylon or Rooibos)R32
EspressoSingle | R30
Double | R36

Hussar Grill Menu Somerset West

Address: The Hussar Grill Somerset West, Shop 26 Waterstone Village Corner of R44 &, Main Rd, Somerset West, Cape Town, 7130, South Africa

Hussar Grill Walmer Menu

Address: The Hussar Grill Walmer, 50 6th Ave, Walmer, Gqeberha, 6065, South Africa

Hussar Grill Menu Durbanville

Address: The Hussar Grill Durbanville, Shop 5, Cnr Queen &, Oxford St, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550, South Africa

Hussar Grill Menu Paarl

Address: The Hussar Grill Paarl, 55 & 56 Main Rd, Paarl, Cape Town, 7646, South Africa

Hussar Grill Menu Century City

Address: The Hussar Grill Century City, Corner of Century Boulevard and Rialto Rd, Century City, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Hussar Grill Menu George

Address: The Hussar Grill George, Caledon Square, Cnr of York and Davidson St, George, 6530, South Africa

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