The Pajamas & Jam Eatery is a place where home comfort and culinary creativity combine. Their restaurant is a refuge for people seeking a unique dining experience that goes above and beyond. You’re immediately surrounded by a warm atmosphere that strikes the ideal balance of coziness and comfort.

In addition to serving delicious food, Pajamas & Jam is a destination for friends and family to get together and get rid of hectic routines. Their menu features flavors inspired by international and local cuisines, produced with love and creativity.

Their selections suit a wide range of tastes and preferences, whether you’re here for a leisurely brunch, a quick lunch, or a delicious breakfast. The breakfast includes Mosbolletjie, toasties, trouts, oats, omelets, etc. The lunch includes small plates, sandwiches, salads, trout, chicken, beef, lamb, and flatbreads.

Your meal, whether breakfast or lunch, isn’t complete without drinks. Drinks are the essentials of every meal. So, Pajamas & jam offers a range of drinks, including coffees, teas, wines, juices, cordials, milkshakes, smoothies, and water. Overall, it is a must-visit restaurant.

Tuisgebakte Brood & Konfyt

ItemPrice (R)
Light Rye with SeedsR20
50% SpeltR15
Cranberry + WalnutR20
Parmesan + Sundried TomatoR20
Spinach + FetaR20
Honey + OatsR20
Seeded SourdoughR20

Good Morning

Breakfast is served from 08:00-16:00. The breakfast menu includes breakfast items and classic meals.

Breakfast Items

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
MosbolletjieWith salted farm butter, boerenkaas, korrel konfyt, and scrambled eggs.R95
DessertUse home-baked brioche dipped in vanilla eggs and served with crème fraiche, seed brittle, raw honey, and soft-cooked stone fruit. Add Bacon for an additional R30.R95
Breakfast ToastRoast aubergines and fresh tomato served on your choice of our homemade bread with maple bacon, sharp cheddar, basil pesto, and a poached egg in creamed aioli with a tomato + nasturtium bloom sauce.R115
Wild BerriesThe high of the season’s fruits are served with double cream yogurt and oven-roasted granola with lavender honey.R105
Trout on RicottaSliced trout on creamed ricotta with capers, fennel, and avocado. Drizzled with aioli and salsa verde. Served with a poached egg on garlic + parmesan bread.R145
OatsSoft-cooked apple served on dreamy creamy cinnamon oats with baked seeds.R85
Poached Egg and Avo with HangopkaasMuslin strained hangopkaas served on your choice of our homemade bread with avocado, a poached egg, fresh cold cucumber, pumpkin seeds, and basil aioli.R105
Green OmeletFilled with pesto, maple bacon + leeks, and a trio of white cheeses. Served on your choice of homemade bread.R149
Vegetarian Leek + Spinach FlorentineCreamy mushrooms with curried sweet potato bits, spinach, and leeks sprinkled with mozzarella and baked until golden brown. Topped with one poached egg and served on your choice of our homemade bread.R115

Classic Breakfast Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Former’s KitchenTwo fried eggs with bacon, grilled tomatoes on slow-cooked leeks with ciabatta. Add Wilted Spinach for an additional R25.R89 (+ R25 for Wilted Spinach)
Avocado ToastServed on sourdough with a poached egg. Add Bacon for an additional R30.R60 (+ R30 for Bacon)
Beef Mince OmeletFormer’s KitchenR135

Good Afternoon

Lunch is served all day from 08:00 – 16:00. The lunch menu includes small plates, food items, and classic meals.

Small Plates

CategoryItemPrice (R)
A LittleFlatbreadR30
A LittleHangopkaasR30
A LittleHerb DumplingsR65
A LittleShoestring FriesR35
A LittleSticky Harissa OnionsR35
A Little MoreRoasted Potatoes with AioliR40
A Little MoreWhipped Feta, Roast Beetroot, and PistachiosR45
A Little MoreSpring Feta FlatbreadR50
A Little MoreRoasted Pepper Salad with Cucumber, Herbs, Sticky Aubergines, + Curried YoghurtR45
A Little MoreFennel + Courgette SaladR45
A Little MoreSweetcorn Ribs with Aleppo Chilli, Lime Cream CheeseR45
A Little MorePeas, Tahini + Za’atarR45
A Little MoreSlow Roast Tomatoes on YoghurtR45
All AboutZa’atar MeatballsR85
All AboutHomemade Fettuccine Tossed in Garlic Infused Olive Oil, Lemon, and ParmesanR115
All AboutMasala PrawnsR115
All AboutSquid, GrilledFried + Aioli


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Grilled Pear SandwichTrout tossed through a Thai-inspired soya teriyaki. Choice of fresh or seared-on brown rice or sticky rice with chopped cabbage, chopped spinach, and pea shoots. Cubed avo, pickled ginger, and dotted with kewpi mayonnaise and sprinkled with sesame seeds, spring onions, crispy wonton, and accompanied by some ponzu soy.R98
Chicken TortillaCreamy mayo-pulled chicken served with mozzarella, avocado, and caramelized onion in our homemade tortillas.R135
Summer Trout PokeSquid dusted with lemon herb flour and deep-fried and served in a green-braised fennel salad with tatsoi, shaved apple, radish, and kewpie mayo.R169
A Spring Salad with SquidCooked trout served with steamed sweet potatoes, creamy pickle fennel sauce, + asparagus.R145
A Country Garden SaladSesame crumbed chicken served on creamed feta in a cucumber + watermelon salad with roasted beetroot, roasted seeds, a coriander citronette, and sumac pickled onions.R155
Beef SaladCooked trout served with steamed sweet potatoes, creamy pickle fennel sauce, + asparagus.R165
Lamb + Feta FlatbreadLamb rolled meatballs with arugula pesto, hangopkaas, chimichurri, and hummus.R145
Miso TroutCooked trout served with steamed sweet potatoes with a creamy pickle fennel sauce + asparagus.R165

Classic Lunch Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Honey + OatsToasted maple bacon, banana, and Camembert on homemade honey + oats bread.R85
Pesto Toasted CheeseToasted on ciabatta with mozzarella and tomatoes.R75
Pulled Chicken SaladServed with basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, and raisins.R98

Drinks Menu

The drinks are served all day long. The drinks menu includes coffees and teas, celebratory drinks (wines), and the Autumn-Winter drinks.

Coffee & Tea

CategoryItemPrice (R)
Cow Milk
Almond Milk – Sweetened+R10
Almond Milk – Unsweetened+R10
Macadamia Milk+R15
Oat Milk+R10
Espresso Shot with Hot Water on the Side
Flat WhiteR32
CAFFEINE + MILKSingle Flat WhiteR35
Double Flat WhiteR33
Double LatteR37
BLACK TEA1837 Black TeaR35
Black ChaiR35
English BreakfastR35
French Earl GreyR35
Uva – Highlands BOP* – CeylonR35
Bain de RosesR35
BLUE TEAMilk OolongR35
Creme CaramelR35
Vanilla BourbonR35
Red ChristmasR35
GREEN TEAEmperor SenecaR35
Moroccan MintR35
Silver MoonR35
Singapore BreakfastR35
ESPRESSOSingle EspressoR13
Double EspressoR18
Decaf EspressoR20
Macchiato – SingleR24
Macchiato – DoubleR26
Red EspressoR32
LET’S GET COZYDelish Hot ChocolateR34
Italian Hot Chocolate with CreamR37
Vegan Hot Chocolate (Milk of Your Choice)R39
Beetroot + RoseR18
Activated CharcoalR15
ADDHazelnut Syrup+R8
Chocolate Syrup+R5

Celebratory Drinks

CategoryItemPrice (R)
BUBBLYLe Lude BrutR395
BUBBLYLe Lude Brut RoséR395
BUBBLYGraham Beck BrutR320
BUBBLYGraham Beck Brut RoséR320
REDBabylonstoren BabelR220
REDSpringfield The Work of TimeR295
ROSÉBabylonstoren RoséR220
WHITECreation Sauvignon BlancR220
WHITEDiemersdal Sauvignon BlancR160
WHITEBabylonstoren ChardonnayR395
GINClemengold Gin + TonicR75
GING + T Signature Orange Blossom Clemengold GinR85
COCKTAILStrawberry GranitaR95
COCKTAILAmarula MilkshakeR105

Autumn-Winter Drinks

CategoryItemPrice (R)
MOSS – JuiceSpinach, Apple, Cucumber, Lemongrass + CeleryR65
MOSS – JuiceMango, Lime, Basil, PineappleR70
MOSS – JuiceBeetroot, Grapefruit, Ginger + PomegranateR65
MOSS – JuiceOrange JuiceR65
SMOOTHIESMixed Berry + YoghurtR75
SMOOTHIESGuava + Elderflower + YoghurtR75
SMOOTHIESPeanut ButterR75
SMOOTHIESCacao + Ginger (Vegan)R85
HERBAL TEAPink Flamingo – Mango, Pineapple, Basil + LimeR45
MILKSHAKEStrawberry + White ChocolateR80
MILKSHAKEButterscotch + CoffeeR75
MILKSHAKEAmarula MilkshakeR95
MILKSHAKELemon CookiesR65
CORDIALSRose Geranium CordialR45
SAN PELLEGRINOOrange + Blood OrangeR30
WATERSparkling Water 250ml | GlassR28
WATERStill Water 250ml | GlassR28
WATERSparkling Water 750mlR60
WATERStill Water 750mlR60

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