Luigi’s is a famous Pizzeria in South Africa. Established in 1993, Luigi’s Pizzeria has provided exceptional pizzas and pasta to its patrons for over 25 years. A family runs the restaurant.

From salads to oven-baked mushrooms and chicken livers, their appetizers provide their discriminating customers with the perfect mix of flavors, ranging in price from R109 to R132.

Their freshly made pizzas will reward your satisfaction with their wood-burning oven with ample toppings that bake to perfection and range in price from R82 to R163.

A wide variety of pasta sauces, all made to request, including their legendary lasagnas—available in regular and women’s servings. Pasta prices range from R72 to R147.

Don’t forget to try their freshly prepared cheesecake and tiramisu, or indulge in the traditional ice cream and chocolate sauce! End up your meal with the beverages.


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken LiversItalian tomato, chopped onion, chili, white wine & a medium herb focaccia.R109
Grilled Garlic MushroomsOven baked with mozzarella cheese.R109
Justino FunghiSmall focaccia, fresh tomato, brown mushroom, grated feta & avocado.R125
Halloumi CheeseFive fingers of fried goat’s milk cheese with a wedge of lemon & a bowl of sweet chilli sauce.R120
Di Parma ProsciuttoParma ham, rocket, artichokes & pecorino shavings drizzled with sweet balsamic.R132


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Focaccia (V)Pizza bread, olive oil with garlic & herbs OR olive oil & herbs.R51
Mozzarella Focaccia (V)Pizza bread, mozzarella cheese with garlic & herbs OR plain.R72
Feta & Olive Focaccia (V)Pizza bread, feta cheese, calamata olives with garlic & herbs OR plain.R83


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Italian Salad (V)Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, onion, calamata olives & mozzarella cheese.R105
Greek Salad (V)Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, onion, calamata olives & feta cheese.R105
Mozzarella Salad (V)Slices of mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes drizzled with pesto & sweet balsamic, calamata olives, avocado & topped with fresh basil.R124
Rocket & Bacon SaladLettuce, cherry tomatoes, rocket, prime cut bacon, chickpeas & pecorino shavings.R132
Chicken SaladLettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, onion, feta cheese & tandoori spiced grilled filleted chicken breasts.R139
Halloumi & Avocado SaladLettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, halloumi cheese & avocado.R135
Blue Cheese SaladLettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, onion & blue cheese.R124
Tuna & Avocado SaladLettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, onion, tuna & avocado.R128


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Margherita (V)R82
Romana (V)R96
Quattro StagioniR132
Quattro FormaggiR138
Pesto Di BasilicoR119
Luigi’s SpecialR127
Nonno ChouricoR121
Alla EvaR121
Pollo & ZucchiniR120
Tonno & CippolleR128


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Beef LasagneR105
Chicken LasagneR101
Spaghetti NapoletanaR82
Penne ArabbiataR82
Fusilli PestoR92
Linguine AglioR72
Macaroni CheeseR87
Fettuccine AlfredoR116
Spaghetti BologneseR116
Fusilli ChickenR109
Spaghetti MatrigianaR113
Penne CarbonaraR124
Butternut PanzerottiR111
Fettuccine Mafiosa PastaR102
Penne Al ManzoR132
Spaghetti GamberiR147
Penne GiardinieraR87
Chicken FunghiR124

Kids Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Kiddies Margherita Pizza 19cmTomato base, mozzarella cheese & herbs – “Basic”R74
Kiddies Spaghetti NapoletanaTomato base, herbs & spices.R63
Kiddies Macaroni CheeseTopside mince, herbs & spices in a Napoletana sauce.R74
Kiddies Spaghetti BolognaiseCubes of chicken, finely chopped onion, spices in a cream & Napoletana sauce.R90
Kiddies Fusilli Chicken PastaPasta stuffed with beef mince, topped with a cheddar cheese sauce OR a cream & Napoletana sauce – Kids portion 10 Pocket.R85
Kids Ravioli PastaPasta stuffed with beef mince, topped with a cheddar cheese sauce OR a cream & napoletana sauce – Kids portion 10 Pocket.R88


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
TiramisuHomemade – Mascarpone Cheese, Finger Biscuits, Coffee & Liqueur.R65
CheesecakeHomemade – Fridge Cheesecake With Black Cherries & Tennis Biscuit Base.R65


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Ice Tea 330mlR32
Soft Drinks 300mlR29
Tiser 330mlR35
Mixers 200mlR26
Fruit Juice 350mlR32
Mineral Water 500mlR25
Red BullR45
Stoney 330mlR29

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