Grill to Go is a famous fast-food restaurant, located in Freshstop Fourways. The restaurant is famous for its delicious flame-grilled chicken and burgers. Besides these chicken and burgers, the restaurant also offers soft drinks and sodas.

The restaurant is uniquely decorated. The staff is well-dressed, friendly, and well-mannered. The service is quick. The taste is extraordinary. The prices are affordable.

The flame-grilled chicken and burgers include G11 1/4 Chicken and Chips, G25 Cheese Burger and Chips, G3 Full Family Meal, G13 1/2 Chick and Chips, G15 Full Chick and Chips, G20 Chicken Burger, G28 Steak Roll, G31 Snack Beef Burger, and others, ranging in price from R 21,00 to R 194,00.

The drinks include Coke Regular 440ml Pet, Coke No Sugar Light 500ml, Stoney Regular 440ml Pet, Coke No Sugar 2.25ltr, Fanta Orange 2ltr, and others, ranging in price from R 17,00 to R 38,00.

With its warm & cozy atmosphere, unique decor, extraordinary taste, and fast service, the restaurant has become a go-to destination in South Africa.

Flame-Grilled Chicken & Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Gg G11 1/4 Chicken and ChipsR 58,00
Gg G25 Cheese Burger and ChipsR 65,00
Gg G3 Full Family MealR 182,00
Gg G13 1/2 Chick and ChipsR 97,00
Gg Chips Extra LargeR 34,00
Gg Large ChipsR 21,00
Gg G12 1/4 ChickenR 45,00
Gg G14 Half ChickenR 84,00
Gg G15 Full Chick and ChipsR 194,00
Gg G16 Whole ChickenR 168,00
Gg G19 Chic Burger and ChipR 58,00
Gg G20 Chicken BurgerR 45,00
Gg G21 Chic Chs Burger and ChipsR 65,00
Gg G22 Chicken Chs BurgerR 52,00
Gg G23 Beef Burger and ChipsR 58,00
Gg G24 Beef BurgerR 45,00
Gg G26 Beef Cheese BurgerR 52,00
Gg G27 Steak Burger and ChipsR 78,00
Gg G28 Steak RollR 65,00
Gg G29 Bw Roll and ChipsR 52,00
Gg G30 Boerewors RollR 39,00
Gg G31 Snack Beef BurgerR 32,00

Drinks Sodas, 440ml Buddies

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Coke Regular 440ml PetR 17,00
Coke No Sugar 500mlR 17,00
Coke No Sugar Light 500mlR 17,00
Fanta Orange 440ml PetR 17,00
Sprite 440ml PetR 17,00
Stoney Regular 440ml PetR 17,00

Sodas 2litre

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Coke Original Less Sugar 2LtrR 38,00
Coke No Sugar 2.25ltrR 34,00
Coke No Sugar Light 2.25ltrR 34,00
Fanta Orange 2ltrR 38,00
Sprite 2ltrR 38,00
Stoney Ginger Beer 2ltrR 38,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Valpre Water Still Spring 500mlR 14,00
Bonaqua Still 1.5ltrR 19,00

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