Checkers is a supermarket in South Africa that deals with all kinds of foods and drinks and also offers platters. Checkers has become a household name since 1956. This is because they aim to become better and better.

The first Checkers store opened in Mayfair, Johannesburg, in 1956. Checkers joined the biggest food retail group on the continent in 1991. Checkers is famous for the cheapest products throughout South Africa.

Besides food and drinks, Checkers also offers a range of other necessities of life, including, healthy & beauty items, household items, baby items, pet products, outdoor items, and electronics items.

The platters offered by the Checkers include meaty deluxe platters, pastry lovers platters, Chinese chicken platters, old-time favorites platters, large garden party platters, gold meat feast platters, and various others ranging in price from R109.99 to R499.99.

The foods and drinks include a white hamburger roll, bulk banana pack 1.2kg, Checkers house brand fresh full cream milk 2L, Red Bull energy drinks 250 ml, Cremona coffee creamer box 750g, and various other items as listed below.

Checkers Foods Menu

Checkers offers more than 7,000 food items at its store. The most popular are listed here.

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Blue Ribbon Classic White Bread 700gR18.99
White Hamburger RollR2.99
Albany Superior Sliced White Bread Loaf 700gR19.99
Checkers Housebrand Fresh Full Cream Milk 2LR34.99
White Hot Dog Roll SingleR2.99
SASKO Premium Sliced Brown Bread Loaf 700gR17.99
Bananas Bag 750gR19.99
Coney Roll SingleR3.49
Bulk Banana Pack 1.2kgR39.99
SASKO Premium Sliced White Bread 700gR16.99
English Cucumber SingleR16.99
Tomatoes Bag 1kgR32.99
Albany Superior Sliced Brown Bread Loaf 700gR18.99
Doritos Sweet Chilli Flavoured Corn Chips 145gR23.99
Standard White Bread 700gR14.99
Standard Brown Bread 700gR12.99
White Hotdog Rolls 6 PackR16.99
Crisp Lettuce Head PackR19.99
Blue Ribbon Classic Brown Bread 700gR17.99
White Hamburger Rolls 6 PackR16.99
Cadbury Lunch Bar 48gR13.99
KOO Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce 410gR16.99
White Button Mushrooms Pack 250gR29.99
Farmer’s Choice Fresh 12 Piece Chicken Fillets Per KgR79.99
Loose Bananas Per kgR19.99
Large Carrots Bag 1kgR16.99
Albany Superior Thick Slice White Bread 700gR19.99
Brown Onions Bag 1kgR24.99
Doritos Cheese Supreme Flavoured Corn Chips 145gR23.99
Douglasdale Fresh Full Cream Milk Bottle 2LR35.99
Panini Roll SingleR3.99
Dewfresh Salted Butter Brick 500gR74.99
Garlic Wedges Roll Single 100gR5.99
Clover UHT Long Life Full Cream Milk Carton 6 x 1LR124.99
Checkers Housebrand UHT Full Cream Milk 1LR16.99
Plain Cheese Roll SingleR4.99
Lucky Star Pilchards In Tomato Sauce Tin 400gR26.99
Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate Bar 40gR13.99
Farmer’s Choice Fresh Drum & Thigh Chicken Individually…R69.99
Fresh Roma Tomatoes 1kgR32.99
Clover Classic Assorted Low Fat Flavoured Dairy Snack 6…R21.99
Sunbake White Bread 700gR18.99
Dewfresh Fresh Full Cream Milk 2LR34.99
Cadbury 5 Star Chocolate 48.5gR13.99
Maggi Chicken Flavoured 2 Minute Noodles 5 x 68gR38.99
Albany Superior Best Of Both Sliced White Bread Loaf 700gR22.99
Beef Potjiekos Per kgR105.99
Farmer’s Choice Fresh Braai Pack Chicken Per KgR64.99
Weet-Bix Wholegrain Wheat Biscuits 450gR36.99
Mash & Bake Potatoes Bag 2kgR44.99
Medium Carrots Bag 500gR9.99
Farmer’s Choice Fresh Thighs & Drumsticks Chicken 8 Pie…R69.99
Boil & Roast Potatoes Bag 2kgR44.99
Blueberries Tub 125gR34.99
Sunbake Brown Bread 700gR17.99
Pork Pack Per kgR75.99
Lucky Star Light Meat Shredded Tuna In Water 170gR25.99
Douglasdale Pasteurised Fresh Cream 500mlR49.99
Crystal Valley Full Cream Long Life Milk 1LR16.99
Cadbury P.S. Caramilk Chocolate Bar 48gR13.99
Cadbury Astros Chocolate 40gR13.99
Conee Rolls 6 PackR19.99
Crystal Valley UHT Full Cream Long Life Milk 6 x 1LR99.99
NikNaks Cheese Flavoured Maize Snack Strip 5 x 22gR14.99
Parmalat Everfresh UHT Full Cream Milk Pack 6 x 1LR124.99
Albany Superior Thick Sliced Brown Bread Loaf 700gR18.99
Wellington’s New Recipe Tomato Sauce 700mlR34.99
Bakers Tennis Classic Coconut Biscuits 200gR24.99
Simba Salt & Vinegar Flavoured Potato Chips 120gR19.99
Maggi Beef Flavoured 2 Minute Noodles 5 x 68gR38.99
Checkers Housebrand Tomato & Onion Mix 410gR16.99
Dewfresh Fresh Cream 250mlR28.99
Red Seedless Grapes Pack 500gR39.99
Potatoes Pocket 7kgR84.99
Crystal Valley Cheddar Cheese 750gR124.99
Flings Original Flavour Maize Snack 4 x 16gR17.99
Checkers Housebrand UHT Full Cream Milk 6 x 1LR99.99
Brown Hamburger RollR2.49
Cheese Curls Maize Snack 150gR21.99
Mini Vetkoek 16 PackR36.99
Top Red Apples Bag 1.5kgR38.99
Baby Potatoes Bag 1kgR19.99
Eskort Wood Smoked Back Bacon 200gR49.99
Tomatoes 4 PackR24.99
Ice Cubes 2kgR14.99
Fatti’s & Moni’s Spaghetti Pasta 500gR19.99
Doritos Sour Cream & Mild Chilli Flavoured Corn Chips B…R23.99
Pot O’ Gold Tomato Paste 50gR5.99
Golden Delicious Apples Bag 1.5kgR29.99
Baby Plum Tomatoes Pack 250gR22.99
Avocados BagR28.99
OREO Original Biscuits 128gR18.99
Cadbury Lunch Bar Max Chocolate Bar 62gR17.99
Spekko Long Grain Parboiled White Rice Bag 2kgR47.99
Knorr Brown Onion Thickening Soup 50gR6.99
PIEMAN’S Pepper Steak PieR26.99
Bakers Blue Label Marie Biscuits 200gR18.99
Oranges Sock 6kgR54.99
Cadbury Dairy Milk Top Deck Chocolate Slab 150gR44.99
Danone Ultra Mel Vanilla Flavoured Custard 1LR34.99
Sweetcorn 4 PackR28.99

Checkers Drinks Menu

Checkers offers round about 3,449 drinks at its store. The most popular are listed here.

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Coca-Cola Original Less Sugar Soft Drink Bottle 2LR26.99
Coca-Cola Original Less Sugar Soft Drink Bottle 1.5LR21.99
Coca-Cola Original Soft Drink Bottle 440mlR13.99
Pepsi Max Soft Drink Bottle 2LR18.99
NESCAFÉ RICOFFY 3-In-1 Instant Coffee Stick 20gR3.99
Coca-Cola No Sugar Soft Drink Bottle 2.25LR23.99
Sprite Low Kilojoule Lemon Lime Flavoured Soft Drink Bottle 2LR24.99
Coca-Cola Original Soft Drink Bottle 1LR18.99
aQuellé Still Natural Spring Water Bottle 5LR29.99
Monster Original Energy Drink Can 500mlR18.99
Thirsti Natural Still Spring Water 5LR29.99
Pepsi Original Soft Drink 2LR21.99
NESCAFÉ Original Cappuccino Sticks 10 x 18gR59.99
Sprite No Sugar Lemon Lime Flavoured Soft Drink Bottle 2.25LR23.99
Coca-Cola No Sugar No Caffeine Soft Drink Bottle 2.25LR23.99
Oros Orange Flavoured Concentrated Squash 2LR47.99
7 Up Original Sugar Free Soft Drink Bottle 2LR18.99
Fanta Orange Flavoured Soft Drink Bottle 2LR24.99
aQuellé Still Natural Spring Water 6 x 500mlR44.99
Krush 100% Cranberry Fruit Juice 1.5LR49.99
NESCAFÉ RICOFFY Soluble Chicory & Coffee Granules Refill 800gR129.99
Coca-Cola No Sugar Soft Drink Bottle 1.5LR18.99
Red Bull Energy Drink 250mlR17.99
Cremora Coffee Creamer Box 750gR64.99
Stoney Soft Drink Ginger Beer Bottle 2LR24.99
Twist Lemon Flavoured Soft Drink Bottle 2LR19.99
Coca-Cola No Sugar Soft Drink Bottle 500mlR14.99
Steri Stumpie Chocolate Flavoured Milk 350mlR13.99
NESCAFÉ Gold Reduced Sugar Cappuccino 10 x 12.5gR59.99
Fanta Grape Flavoured Soft Drink Bottle 2LR24.99
Schweppes Tonic Water Soft Drink Bottle 1LR18.99
Steri Stumpie Chocolate Flavoured Milk 350mlR13.99
Krush 100% Apple Fruit Juice 1.5LR44.99
Bonaqua Pump Prepared Still Water 750mlR14.99
Stoney Ginger Beer Extra Kwetsa Soft Drink Bottle 2LR24.99
Red Bull Energy Drink 473mlR29.99
Move Guarana Energy Drink 500mlR10.99
Pepsi Light Soft Drink Bottle 2LR18.99
Schweppes Zero Sugar Indian Tonic Water Soft Drink Bottle 1LR15.99
Sir Fruit 100% Cranberry Fruit Juice Blend 1.5LR39.99
Schweppes Soda Water Bottle 2LR24.99
Zip Cola Original Soft Drink Bottle 2LR12.99
NESCAFÉ Gold With Golden Roasted Arabica Instant Coffee 200gR139.99
Heineken Premium Larger Beer Bottles 6 x 330mlR99.99
Spar-Letta Soft Drink Sparberry Bottle 2LR19.99
Carling Black Label Beer Bottles 6 x 330mlR89.99
Coca-Cola No Sugar No Caffeine Soft Drink Bottle 500mlR14.99
Monster Zero Sugar Energy Drink 500mlR18.99
Eastern Highlands Sparkling Water 1.5LR9.99
Coca-Cola Original Taste Soft Drink 4 x 6 PackR189.99
Fanta Orange Soft Drink Bottle 440mlR14.99
Stoney Ginger Beer Original Soft Drink Bottle 440mlR14.99
Popz! Cream Soda Flavoured Carbonated Soft Drink Bottle 2LR12.99

Checkers Platters Menu and Prices

PlattersPrice (R)
Meaty Deluxe Platter LargeR449.99
Large Old-Time Favourite PlatterR379.99
Pastry Lovers Platter LargeR349.99
Crazy Croissant Platter LargeR289.99
Chinese Chicken Platter LargeR399.99
Meaty Deluxe Platter SmallR239.99
Pastry Lovers Platter SmallR179.99
Charcuterie Platter LargeR449.99
Old Time Favourites Platter SmallR199.99
Crazy Croissant Platter SmallR159.99
Cheese & Biscuit Platter LargeR349.99
Say Cheese Luxury Platter LargeR499.99
Fresh Deli Cheese & Meat Platter SmallR239.99
Chinese Chicken Platter SmallR209.99
Large Garden Party PlatterR269.99
Fresh Deli Luxury Cheese Platter SmallR259.99
Small Cheese & Biscuit PlatterR269.99
Garden Party Platter SmallR169.99
Cold Meat Feast Platter LargeR349.99
Cold Meat Feast Platter SmallR199.99
The Frenchie Platter SmallR109.99

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