The Britannia Hotel is a well-known establishment in Durban, known for its classic Victorian architecture and traditional pub fare. Imagine entering a world of old mahogany furniture, colorful stained glass windows, and sizzling grills wafting through the air as you step off the busy Umgeni Road.

Beyond a restaurant, The Britannia offers a window into an ancient period where people converse long over pints of foamy beer and time slows down. The big windows let in plenty of light, glowing over the weathered leather seats and the amiable faces around them. A cozy and welcoming ambiance is created by laughter blending with the soft hum of live music and the clinking of cutlery.

But let’s not overlook the culinary highlight of the event! The food at The Britannia is an ode to traditional pub grub done well. Imagine burgers that are incredibly juicy and topped with all the fixings, pizzas that are sizzling with fresh toppings and melted cheese, and substantial grills that will fill you up.

Of course, no trip to the pub would be complete without sipping a pint of your preferred beer, be it a rich, dark stout or a crisp lager. So, the Britannia Hotel in Morningside is ideal whether you’re searching for a laid-back lunch with coworkers, an exciting evening with friends, or a comfortable nook to watch the game.

It’s a location where comfort and history converge, where delicious cuisine and delightful people savor each visit, and where one feels at home. Raise a glass, tuck it into a substantial meal, and enjoy the classic charm of Britain. This hidden gem in Durban is ready to embrace you with wide arms (and a menu that will entice your palate).

Britannia Starters

ItemPrice (R)
Fish Cakes (3 Portion)R41
Braised Chicken LiversR80
Saucy Chicken LiversR80
Patha RollsR23
French Fries 400gR55
Saucy French Fries 400gR55
Greek SaladR40
Meat Platter – 3x Mince rissoles, 3x chicken rissoles, 3x mince samoosas, 3x mince kebabs.R190
Vegetarian Platter – 3x Potato samosas, 3x cheese & sweetcorn samosas, 3x cheesy chili nuggets, 3x chili paneer poppers.R184
Seafood Platter – 3 Fish cakes, 125g calamari rings, 125g mussels, three shrimp rissoles, and 125g fish nuggets.R196

Britannia On the Light Side Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Mini Paneer PitaR75
Mini Chicken PitaR72

Britannia Curries

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cornish Chicken CurryCornish Chicken Curry.R112
Boneless Mutton CurryBoneless Mutton Curry.R195
Mutton CurryMutton Curry.from R138
Trotters CurryTrotters are braised in our unique mixture of fennel and cumin powder, freshly ground ginger and garlic, masala, and sugar beans, and garnished with coriander.R113
Tripe CurryTripe braised in our unique mixture of fennel and cumin powder, freshly ground ginger & garlic, masala, and gram dhal, and garnished with coriander.R113
Mince Kebabs CurryMutton meatballs, seasoned in various spices, fried, and served in a tomato chutney.R103
Butter Chicken CurrySucculent chicken pieces wrapped in a buttery combination of cream, tomatoes, and aromatic spices and cooked with yogurt.R114
Fish CurryFresh barracuda or salmon cooked authentically in Durban style.R189.75
Mince CurryMutton mince braised with peas and our special homemade spices.R133
Chops Chutney (Medium)Chops Chutney (Medium).R138
Chops Chutney (Large)Chops Chutney (Large).R219
Chicken & Prawn CurryTender chicken fillet marinated with special spices, sautéed with prawns cooked with yogurt in a tomato chutney.R229
Crab CurryLarge orange crabs cooked authentically ‘Durban Style’!R385
Butter CrabLarge orange crabs braised with our special homemade spices and cooked in a creamy buttery sauce.R385
Prawn Curry10 Prawns, out-of-shell marinated with secret spices. Cooked with yogurt in a tomato base.R213
Fish Roe ChutneyFish Roe Chutney.R121

Britannia Toasted Sandwiches

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Broad Beans Curry Toasted SandwichServed with french friesR40
Sugar Beans Curry Toasted SandwichServed with french friesR40
Cheese & Tomato Toasted SandwichServed with french friesR45
Mutton Curry Toasted SandwichServed with french friesR81
Chicken & Mayo Toasted SandwichServed with french friesR57

Britannia Biryani

ItemPrice (R)
Soya Mutton BiryaniR81
Prawn BiryaniR213
Chicken BiryaniR86

Britannia Burgers

ItemPrice (R)
Mutton BurgerR80
Paneer BurgerR65
Chicken Tikka BurgerR75
Veg BurgerR69

Britannia Roti Rolls

ItemPrice (R)
Mutton Roti RollR246
Medium Mutton Roti RollR124
Mince Kebab Roti RollR103
Chips & Cheese Roti RollR69
Veg Kebab Roti RollR71
Broad Beans Roti RollR48
Sugar Beans Roti RollR48
Chicken Wrap Roti RollR63
Mixed Veg Roti RollR66

Britannia Samoosas

ItemPrice (R)
Mince SamoosaR63
Chicken SamoosaR63
Cheese & Sweet Corn SamoosaR63
Tinfish SamoosaR63
Potato SamoosaR63
Tikka Paneer SamoosaR63

Britannia Grills Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Tikka & Fries400g Chicken fillet marinated in a tikka sauce, flame grilled, and served with french fries.R98
Chicken Tikka With Butternut & SpinachChicken Tikka With Butternut & Spinach.R98
Medium Chicken Tikka200g Chicken fillet marinated in a tikka sauce, flame grilled, and served with french fries or butternut and spinach.R77
400g Chicken FilletLemon & herb or peri-peri flavor.R98
200g Chicken FilletLemon & herb or peri-peri flavor.R77
Grilled Hake Fillet & French FriesGrilled Hake Fillet & French Fries.R98
Grilled Hake Fillet With Spinach and butternutGrilled Hake Fillet With Spinach and butternut.R98
Crumbed PrawnsCrumbed Prawns.R207
Chicken Tikka & Prawn Combo200g Chicken fillet marinated in Tikka sauce, flame grilled with 5 Prawns. Served with Rice or French FriesR144
Seafood Platter for 210 Grilled prawns, two hake fillets, 150g calamari rings, 125g mussels. Served on a bed of fried rice and french friesR449
Prawn, Hake & Calamari ComboPrawn, Hake & Calamari Combo.R195
Grilled Prawns PlatterAvailable in Lemon & Herb or Peri Peri.R219
Top Up PrawnsTop Up Prawns.R127
Top Up CalamariTop Up, Calamari.R69

Britannia Bunnies Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Mutton BunnyR123
Cornish Chicken BunnyR91
Broad Beans BunnyR55
Mince Kebab BunnyR104
Veg Kebab BunnyR63
Sugar Beans BunnyR45
Mixed Veg Bunny (On availability)R63

Britannia Exotic Bunnies

ItemPrice (R)
Trotters BunnyR113
Tripe BunnyR106
Mince BunnyR132
Boneless Mutton BunnyR195
Butter Chicken BunnyR112
Chops BunnyR173
Prawns BunnyR219

Britannia Sides & Extras

ItemPrice (R)
Basmati RiceR22
Mixed Veg PickleR14
Vinegar ChilliesR4
Fruit ChutneyR10
Plain NaanR25
Garlic NaanR29

Britannia Desserts

ItemPrice (R)
Chocolate BrowniesR81
Soji – Semolina is fried butter cooked with unique ingredients and served with cream and almonds.R35
Death By Chocolate SliceR77
White Chocolate Hazelnut SliceR77
Strawberry Cheese CakeR66
Vanilla Ice-CreamR33
Burfee Ice-CreamR48

Britannia Vegetarian Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Broad BeansR56
Veg KebabR86
Paneer TikkaR101
Paneer (Fish Curry Style)R101
Peri Peri PaneerR101
Soya MinceR115
Sugar BeansR56
Paneer Fried RiceR101
Butter PaneerR101
Vegetarian PrawnR86

Britannia Fries

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Hake & FriesLightly battered hake fillet, deep fried and served with french fries.R79
Hake & VegetablesHake & Vegetables.R83
Chilli Chicken & OnionBite-size marinated chicken fillets fried with onions and chilies.R100
Chops & Onion 400gMarinated chops fried with onions & chilies.R207
Chops & Onion 200gMarinated chops fried with onions & chilies.R138

Britannia Kiddies Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Kiddies Fish Fingers & FriesR57
Kiddies Macaroni & CheeseR63

Britannia Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Soft Drinks Cans 330mlR28
Soft Drinks BuddiesR32
Valpre Waterfrom R23
Double Thick MilkshakesR52

Britannia Wines Menu

CategoryItemPrice (R)
HOUSE WINESTwo Oceans Sauvignon BlancR110
HOUSE WINESTwo Oceans Cabernet MerlotR110
SPARKLINGJC Le Roux Le DomaineR125
SPARKLINGJC Le Roux Le FleuretteR125
SPARKLINGJC Le Roux Le ChansonR125
WHITE WINESThe Beach House Sauvignon BlancR110
WHITE WINESFranschhoek Cellar Sauvignon BlancR125
WHITE WINESPorcupine Ridge Sauvignon BlancR120
WHITE WINESDurbanville Hills Sauvignon BlancR140
WHITE WINESFat Bastard ChardonnayR170
WHITE WINESDouglas Green Chenin BlancR95
RED WINESDouglas Green MerlotR115
RED WINESPorcupine Ridge MerlotR135
RED WINESFranschhoek Cellar ShirazR140
WHITE BLENDSBoschendal Boschen BlancR110
WHITE BLENDSBoschendal Blanc de NoirR120
RESTAURANT WINESNederburg BaronneR145
RESTAURANT WINESSpringfield Estate Whole Berry Cabernet SauvignonR285
SEMI-SWEET WINESDouglas Green Natural Sweet WhiteR105
SEMI-SWEET WINESBoschendal Le BouquetR105
ROSÉGraça RoséR90
ROSÉRobertson Natural Sweet RoséR90
ROSÉDouglas Green Sunkissed Sweet RoséR110
WINE BY THE GLASSTwo Oceans Sauvignon BlancR29
WINE BY THE GLASSTwo Oceans Cabernet Sauvignon MerlotR29
WINE BY THE GLASSBoschendal Le BouquetR29
WINE BY THE GLASSDouglas Green Sunkissed Sweet RoséR29

Britannia Cocktails Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pina ColadaBacardi Rum, Coconut Syrup, 100% Pineapple PureeR48
Long Island Ice TeaTequila, Vodka, Bacardi Rum, Gin, Triple Sec & CokeR65
Strawberry DaiquiriBacardi Rum, Triple Sec, Strawberry Syrup, Lime Cordial & 100% Strawberry PureeR48
MojitoBacardi Rum, Mint Syrup, Mint Leaves & LemonadeR48
Blue LagoonGin, Vodka, Blue Curacao & LemonadeR48
Tequila SunriseGold Tequila, Orange Juice & GrenadineR45
De Ja VuVodka, Southern Comfort, Silver Tequila, Banana Liqueur, Orange Juice, 100% Pineapple Puree, Blue CuracaoR65
Brits BreezerOrange Juice, Peach Schnapps, Vodka & Apple SoursR45
Thirsty HorseBlue Curacao, Apple Sours, Triple Sec & LemonadeR48
Brits Tropical BreezeGin, Bacardi Rum, 100% Mango Puree, 100% Pineapple Puree & Orange JuiceR48

Britannia Mocktails Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pina ColadaBacardi Rum, Coconut Syrup, 100% Pineapple PureeR35
Strawberry DaiquiriBacardi Rum, Triple Sec, Strawberry Syrup, Lime Cordial & 100% Strawberry PureeR38
MojitoBacardi Rum, Mint Syrup, Mint Leaves & LemonadeR35
Brits Tropical BreezeGin, Bacardi Rum, 100% Mango Puree, 100% Pineapple Puree & Orange JuiceR35

Britannia Shooters Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SpringbokPeppermint Liqueur & Amarula CreamR16
PancakeAftershock & Amarula CreamR16
B52Kahlua, Amarula Cream & TequilaR17
Bob MarleyPeppermint Liqueur & Amarula Cream, Red SambuccaR16
Banana SplitBanana Liqueur & AmarulaR12
PsychopathKahlua, Amarula & Stroh RumR20
Liquid CocaineVodka, Blue Curacao & Lime CordialR28
Peppermint PiePeppermint Liqueur, Kahlua & AmarulaR16
Top DeckKahlua & AmarulaR16
Hand GrenadeAftershock, Tequila, Jagermeister & RedbullR60

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