Amaan’s combines culinary excellence with a comprehensive menu highlighting the variety of Indian food. While you peruse the enticing selection, the starters entice you with delicious treats. At R71.59 apiece, the Onion Bhaji and Samosa Starter laid the groundwork for various delectable experiences.

For R144.16, indulge in the House Speciality Starter, a harmonic fusion of distinctive flavors. The alternatives, which range from R95.64 to R144.16, are a tribute to the chef’s skill and include Tandoori King Prawn Starter, Chicken Pakora, and Aloo Pakora.

The Tandoori Specialties section provides a fantastic experience for tandoori delights enthusiasts. Priced at R313.52, the Tandoori Mixed Grill is a symphony of grilled perfection. The Tandoori Masala Dishes, on the other hand, range from R216.19 to R337.48 and feature combinations of spice and juiciness, such as Tandoori King Prawn Masala and Chicken Tikka Masala.

Amaan’s Specialities’ famous dishes, such as Butter Chicken and Naga Chicken, each priced at R216.19, enhance the eating experience. Balti Specials, Traditional Selections, and Biryani options round out the selection, delivering something for every palate.

Regardless of your feelings towards meat, vegetarianism, or exploring the wonders of tandoori, Amaan’s ensures an exceptional eating experience that surpasses expectations and stimulates all senses.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Onion BhajiR71.59
Samosa StarterR71.59
House Speciality StarterR144.16
Aloo PakoraR95.64
Tikka StarterR95.64
Paneer ShashlikR108.95
Chicken PakoraR119.70
Prawn PureeR119.70
King Prawn PureeR144.16
Tandoori Chicken StarterR95.64
King Prawn ButterflyR119.70
Shashlik StarterR119.70
Sheek Kebab StarterR119.70
Aloo Chat PureeR95.64
Chicken Chat PureeR119.70
Tandoori King Prawn StarterR144.16

Tandoori Specialties

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Tandoori Mixed GrillR313.52
Tikka MainR192.73
Tikka Shashlik MainR216.19
Tandoori King Prawn MainR289.30
Garlic ChickenR192.73
Tandoori Chicken MainR192.73

Tandoori Masala Dishes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Tikka MasalaR216.19
Lamb Tikka MasalaR241.36
Vegetable MasalaR216.19
Mix MasalaR241.36
Prawn MasalaR241.36
Tandoori King Prawn MasalaR337.48

Amaan’s Specialities

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Butter ChickenR216.19
Chicken/Lamb ShaplaR216.19
Naga ChickenR216.19
Chicken/Lamb NihariR216.19
Chicken/Lamb PalakR216.19
Coconut Chicken CurryR216.19
Goan Green CurryR216.19
Chicken/Lamb Chom ChomR216.19
Lal Mirchi Chicken/LambR216.19
Achari Chicken/LambR216.19
King Prawn Sil SilaR313.52
Chicken BaharR241.36

Balti Specials

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken BaltiR216.19
Lamb BaltiR241.36
Mix BaltiR241.36
Prawn BaltiR241.36
Vegetable BaltiR192.73
King Prawn BaltiR313.52

Traditional Selection

Menu ItemPrice (R)


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Tikka BiryaniR216.19
Chicken BiryaniR216.19
Vegetable BiryaniR192.73
Special Mixed BiryaniR241.36
Lamb BiryaniR241.36
Lamb Tikka BiryaniR241.36
King Prawn BiryaniR336.69
Prawn BiryaniR241.36

Vegetable Dishes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Sag AlooR95.50
Sag PaneerR109.16
Bombay AlooR95.50
Chana MasalaR95.50
Paneer JalfreziR109.16
Cauliflower BhajiR95.50
Aloo GobiR95.50
Onion BhajiR60.48
Tarka DalR95.50
Special Vegetable KormaR109.16
Mushroom BhajiR95.50
Mixed Vegetable CurryR95.50
Bhindi Bhaji OkraR95.50
Vegetable DansakR95.50
Sag Bhaji – SpinachR95.50
Aloo CholeR95.50
Brinjal BhajiR95.50
Dry VegetableR95.50


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Pilao RiceR71.40
Plain PapadomR18.14
Garlic NanR71.40
Peshwari NanR71.40
Mushroom RiceR95.50
Mint SauceR10.09
Mango ChutneyR10.09
Keema NanR84.65
Onion SaladR10.09
Paneer NanR71.40
Special Pilao RiceR95.50
Coconut RiceR119.71
Onion and Garlic RiceR84.65
Lime PickleR10.09
Masala PapadomR18.14
Keema RiceR119.71
Stuffed ParathaR84.65
Vegetable RiceR95.50
Tamarind SauceR10.09
Keema ParathaR84.65
Lemon RiceR95.50
Mixed RaitaR47.27

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